Best of the Beach: Landshark Bar and Grille

Updated: July 29, 2017

So today, for our final day as a family at the beach we went out to the Broadway Grand Prix and raced for part of the day, then we made our way down to the Boardwalk where we went to Lunch/Dinner at Landshark Bar and Grille.  The Restaurant sits right on the beach and gives you plenty of that Island Feel with “Fruitcakes” roaming on the Beach.

Before we went into the Gay Dolphin Gift Shop and toured all through the Many Ripley attractions, we stopped off at Jimmy’s place.  No, We were not “Wasting away in Margaritaville.” This time it was Landsharks.   The restaurant sits right on the beach and provides a tremendous atmosphere.

The food was really good and the drinks were cold and strong.   I am a fan of Landshark Beer although not my favorite, it certainly went down cold and quick.  It was served in a plastic cup, certainly no “Tin Cup for a Chalice” but it would do.

By that point, they brought out loaded fries and Cheese Curds.  Both were very tasty, but extremely small portions and did not satisfy a group of 9.  Not the best showing for sure,   But that would surely change when the meals came out.   I tried Fish Tacos for the first time in a while and they were fantastic.  The fresh catch of the day was Grouper and it was “Fins”-tastic.

While others picked items like pulled pork, Seafood Pasta, and “Cheeseburgers” in Paradise, my wife chose the Seafood Lettuce wraps.  Fresh, simple, and satisfying is how she described it.

After enjoying our meal, we made our way back to the Grand Prix and did some more driving.  It was a tremendous day that culminated at Meyers Old Fashioned Ice Cream at Surfside Beach.  Where after watching the Kids and adults make their choices, I would go to the well with my own.  I have not had a Banana Split in what has to be 10 years so tonight I thought that streak should end.  It was a dessert that I knew I would remember “Come Monday.”

All in all, it was a tremendous finish to a Great Griswald Family Vacation.(at least that is what it felt like, so just call me Clark) I will be posting a video this weekend from the Beach, so hang loose and watch for it.  Until next time… Thanks for traveling and eating with @FoodMongerPGH.


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