Birthday Dinner to Remember, Okay I changed the Menu

Updated: August 29, 2015

So, when we last left off, I was going to prepare Ziti, Meatballs and Sausage, Pigs in a blanket, Chicken and salad.   I made my list and went to the store, and ended up changing nearly my entire menu because of a good price that I ran across.  So there went the Pasta and meatballs.   Though, the Pasta may still happen.

I went to my local grocery store with my list, only to find a Brisket on sale.  It was the full piece that I had to trim myself.  The Brisket cost me 2.96 a lb and I bought a 16 lb brisket, it turned out to be a really nice buy and one that will stretch for me this week.

I still will make the Pigs in a blanket as my son requested but the basic menu has changed.   I will now go with a potato to go with it and still rock a salad.   For those out there clamoring for a veggie, I may in fact grill some veggies on my outdoor grill.

I will be able to roast the Brisket all night at 300 degrees, and have it ready my mid morning.  Only to finish half off with my cola based sauce and the other half will  finish with my original seasoning that consisted of:

Course ground salt – Generous
Course ground pepper – Generous
Onion Powder – coated
Garlic Powder – coated
Meat tenderizer – not as generous

The cola based sauce that I will be working with is a combination of Worcestershire, Heinz Chili Sauce, and cola (I use Coke for this recipe).

Once my Brisket is tender, I will cut the roast in half and finish one half of it in the sauce.  It serves as a Bar b Que sauce almost.  The other half will just roast away in its beautiful juices.

As mentioned, I will go with a potato  with this and that will consist of a few bags of fingerling potatoes.   I like the golden Klondike variety, they roast well and taste amazing with just butter salt and pepper.

I may in fact grill those veggies…so stay tuned.  The salad will be fairly general as just a dinner salad with a choice of dressings.

Lastly, as a sweet appetizer, I prepared one of my mom’s signature desserts.   Cracker based toffee bars.  They are really good, chocolate covered and light.  It is a dessert that kids won’t turn their nose up to and adults will enjoy.   Basically, it goes like this.

I lined my large sheet pan in tin foil. I sprayed in with Pam. I then lined the bottom of the pan with a layer of saltines crackers.

I melted butter and coated my saltines. I then popped the saltines in the oven until the butter nearly candied the saltines. As soon as I brought them out of the oven, I sprinkled the warm butter soaked crackers with semi sweet chocolate chips. I then spread the chips with my rubber spatula until the saltines were all coated. I then finished them off with some Heath brand Toffee sprinkled all over. It turned out like this.



Okay, you caught me.  I tested some.   As soon as I have images of the other menu items, I will add them to the blog.  And as always, thanks for following along.


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