My Thoughts on a Weeks Worth Of Cooking in One Day

Updated: September 5, 2017

So what’s on your weekly menu?  A recent discussion spurred some thoughts on the idea of spending 4 or 5 hours preparing meals for a week.  I literally just finished the conversation actually and I never really put much thought in to it.  I have family and friends that plan out their week and cook it all in one day.  Some do this for the sake of time during the week which makes sense and I can buy into it.  Some do it to control calorie intake.  (For me, this is like excersice machines.  If it works for you… have at it)   I would not even remotely consider it and my schedule is as big a mess as anyones.  Here are some of my thoughts and ideas why.

Your telling me your so busy that you need meals that you can warm up.  I get it, we all have busy lives, Jambing 20 pounds of crap into a 10 pound day.  But I think this can be done without pre cooking a meal.   Plan meals that take little prep.   I have a writer that does crock pot meals 2 or 3 times a week.   I have a friend that swears by it, and I promise it can be done healthy.  I think if we just plan a weeks worth of meals, we don’t actually have to cook it ahead of time.

I know Rachael Ray made a whole show out of this concept for years… and it was ludicrous.  I like her, but I don’t quite get that thought.

Please, by all means, this is not meant to be derogatory.  This is just an opinion from someone that cooks and loves it.  I turn out meals in 30 minutes or less and that includes  different meals everyday.  Then of course, we have smorg night once a week which is a compilation of leftovers.

The fact is, if you cook for your family everyday and work full time,you are probably in my category.  I call my self one of the worlds best “Short Order Cooks.”  So I buy staples that I know I can flip quickly, even if I have to stop at the store to pick something up last minute.

Examples: Soups can be had extremely quick.  So can roasts… believe it or not.  We use frozen veggies like Broccoli, Cauliflower, Green beans…. etc, everyday for a side dish or as part of the main dish. We sometimes turn minute rice,or a pasta, veggies and a meat into a one skillet meal.  Or we prepare veggies and meat into a Stir fry.  Or it can be pasta and meatballs one night and of course meatballs is what I made over the weekend.  Meatballs are something that can be made ahead of time and is one of those foods that can be re heated and tastes really good the second or third time. Garlic Bread can be made with any bread or buns lying around, right on the spot with butter, fresh garlic or garlic salt.  Don’t forget Dinner Salads like a “Pittsburgh Salad” with meat and Fries on top. Or what I would call a gourmet style Pepperoni Roll or Strombolis.  Frozen dough, thawed out all day, can be quickly rolled out and stuffed.

How about breakfast for Dinner one night?  Kids love that and it certainly breaks the week up.  And I don’t care how you make a Frittata ahead of time, it’s never as good 2 or 3 days later so don’t tell me it is.  How about cookout night?  We are talking burgers and corn on the cob.  You say, Corn on the cob?  That takes forever… Lies!!!!! Lies I tell you.  You can take a full piece of corn on the cob,(husked of course) wrap it in a fully damp paper towel and pop it in the Microwave for a few minutes and it tastes perfect. Veggies steamed in the microwave do not take on the same flavor as a meat done in there.  They do not taste “mircrowaved.”

You can eat healthy, lite, heavy… does not matter and it does not need to take forever.  To me, there is nothing worst than re heating food after it has been cooked once and eating it for the FIRST time.   That is just my opinion of course.  But let me ask you a question Mister or Misses cook ahead of time.

If you walk into a restaurant and ask for seafood, beef, chicken, pasta… whatever.  Do you want your entire meal being re heated and served to you?   Nope, but yet you’ll feed yourself that during the week… It’s Crazy! No one wants that. I also am convinced that if you are doing this all the time, you are more interested in getting done with your meal than you are tasting your meal.  And if that is the case, go ahead. Stick with the plan.

If that works for you, good stuff.  Just know, eating fresh and easy everyday can be had.  You can pre plan if you’re a planner.  Just don’t pre cook….PLEASE,I am begging.  If you are prepping ahead of time so that you can put a dish in the oven or on the stove when you get home, that is fine also.  Actually, very smart.

One more piece of advice.  If you want to cook for 5 hours in one day and ruin one of your only days off to save yourself 2 hours during the week, make two really good meals over the weekend with lots of leftovers.  Leftovers that can be re purposed, like those meatballs… or Chilli.  How about Stuffed peppers or cabbage rolls.  Something like that works well because then all your preparing is rice, potatoes or something Like that to go along side.

As I said, this is just my take on something I never truly bought into.   Now, if you are one of those people that need that much structure in your life and need everything to be planned out.   Once again, rock with what works for you. If your interested in some quick meals from an experienced short order cook, message me. I will gladly help you out.

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