Myrtle Beach’s Best: Villa Romano Delivers Itialian at It’s Finest

Updated: July 28, 2017

After a couple of lighter meals on previous days, we decided it was to be Italian Night on Thursday.   And going off of what we already knew, it was to be a return to Villa Romano.  When the locals tell you it’s good food, you take their word for it.

Once again, traveling with friends and a party of 12, we ventured up 17 North and made our way to the local favorite Italian restaurant.  When you walk in you are confronted with water fountains, archways, and a guy playing the Accordion.  The Roman Architecture was more than evident and the driver what sets the interior apart from others in the same genre.  It absolutely reminds you of something you have seen in a movie… only smaller.  The building was small but the line out the door was large, just the way you want your restaurant.

Background:  Villa Romano opened in 1985 and has been going strong since.  The menu is unique as each item is made from scratch as it states up front.  They ask you to allow a few extra minutes because of it.  Now, a great many places will claim that, but when you eat the food you know it was not made on the premise, just reheated there.  Villa Romano is definitely not that kind of place.  They use fresh cheese, sauce or gravy, sausage made on the site, fresh seafood, and home made pasta.


When we sat down, we were presented with menu’s, water, and a tray of Bruschetta that were absolutely delightful. The waiter was jovial and knowledgable… not to mention he wrote very little down with our party of 12.  By the way, the final bill’s were all correct.

Duffy(the waiter) was from the Wilkes Barre Scranton area and after seeing both a Pirates polo and a Steelers polo in our group, the first question he asked was not what can I get you to drink.  It was, “How do you think We are going to End up this season?”  We all looked at him and several of the group responded with Playoffs, but that’s about it.   It was like they knew exactly what he meant, or like we have known him for years.   At Pittsburgh’s version of the French Riviera,(Myrtle Beach) it is nothing at all for Steelers talk to break out and although we are close to training camp, I can tell you that same conversation would take place in March or October.

Once the orders were taken, he brought out two large baskets of Hot House made bread/rolls that were devoured quickly with a side of marinara.  Each meal was started with a bowl of soup called stracciatella which resembled a broth driven tomato soup with egg white noodles.  It was spectacular… because it was lite, flavorful and delicate.  After two rounds of bread, the soup was a nice touch.  That was followed by a salad that delivered their signature House Made Italian dressing.

Then brought on the main course.  There were 12 of us and I saw at least 4 orders of Spaghetti and Meatballs.  I did not order that, but when it arrived, I wished I had.  I was able to snag one of those beautiful meatballs later in the meal and it quite frankly was the best meatball I have ever had.   That’s right… THE BEST!

As for my meal, we had just had seafood so I Decided on al old favorite.  I went with the Rigatoni Rustica which consisted of Home Made Rigatoni Noodles with sautéed Peppers, onions, Mushrooms, and house made Italian Sausage in a Marinara Sauce.   It was, just like everything else, simple but Amazing.

Most were absolutely stuffed, but there were a couple that saved room for the Cannoli which when it came to the table was delivered Spot on.   “Take the gun, Leave the Cannoli.” Clemenza’s wife was right, definitely worth taking the Cannoli!


Yes, the line was dropped during dinner by me, which by nature I am as cheesy as Villa Romano’s Lasagna. I was just proud that I did not screw it up.  With all of that said, the meal was fantastic and fun.  The staff was great and the music made you feel like you just stepped off the boat.   If you go to the Beach and want great Italian Food, please make sure you call ahead and get a reservation for Villa Romano.


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