Pittsburgh’s Best: Arsenal Cider House

Updated: September 29, 2017

The Arsenal Cider House is what I would call one of “Pittsburgh’s Best”.  It was the first Cidery in Western Pennsylvania, Opening back in 2010 and has put together three dynamite locations.  The original in Lawrenceville, Wexford, and now the Trax Farm Location.   They have many varieties of Ciders, Fruit Wines, and Meade’s on tap at all times.  Amazing Flavors combined with Unique atmospheres that are different in each location, Makes the Arsenal Cider house one of Pittsburgh’s Best without Question.

The Arsenal Cider House opened back in 2010 in Lawrenceville and  is located near the Historic Allegheny Arsenal.   Get where the name comes from?   Arsenal Cider House is a US Civil War Themed Cidery that shows it’s attractive wear on the outside of the building and marries that with a very rustic interior.   It looks period correct and is smothered in interesting both inside and out.

The Cidery has four Ciders that are consistently on the menu including Fighting Elleck Hard Cider which is a dryer Cider. Archibalds Ado is a Semi Sweet Cider on tap along with Picket Bone Dry Hard Apple Cider and Murray’s Meade which is a rotating Meade that currently is boasting an Orange Blossom flavor.

Each Cider’s name has significance and it’s own story.  I would love to sit here and give you all the history but I would honestly just be restating what they have already done.  Here is a LINK for that information.

They have some fruit wines they throw into the mix including a Blackberry and because of the season they have a Concord Grape.  What separates Arsenal I believe is their creativity.  One example is the Sorbet Machine on site where they add one of the sweeter fruit wines to the machine to give you a beautiful creamy sweet drunken Sorbet.  It truly is amazing.

On select weekends they bring in bands to play in their back yard… yes I said back yard. They also have brought in food trucks and guest Chefs to cater on select weekend evenings.

As you can see Spring, Summer, and Fall can be very special at the Arsenal Cider House.

Arsenal’s craft Ciders are also affordable.  Your spend is between $20-$30 for the initial purchase of a filled Growler, then you can bring them back for refills which are generally less.  Somewhere between $15-$20 depending on the product.

The Cidery’s employees are all knowledgable and explain the individual products well.   If you tell them what you like, they make really strong suggestions.  If you get the opportunity, you need to stop by one of the three locations and if you have the time, you absolutely need to get to the original in Lawrenceville. Once  you walk through, read and scan The surroundings,  you’ll understand the theme which really helps deliver the brand.

Arsenal Cider House Lawrenceville, 300 39th Street Pittsburgh, PA 15201 412 682-7699

Arsenal Cider House Wexford, Soergel Orchards 2573 Brandt School Rd Wexford, PA 15090 724.777.2402

Arsenal Cider House Trax Farms, Trax Farms 528 Trax Rd Finleyville, PA 15332 412.403.6174


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