Pittsburgh’s Best: Pittsburgh Bottleshop and Brewhouse

Updated: September 24, 2017

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There is a handful of really great stops in the Pittsburgh Area.   The Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe and Brewhouse is one of those.  Born from an idea of a former Brew Master of Sam Adams and Iron City, Mark Davis was trying to create a unique place for Locals to not only try Beers from around the world but also his own local brew. Mark married that great beer with a fantastic dining experience providing his patrons Upscale Bar food in a great atmosphere.  Located in Bridgeville, its easy to get to from anywhere around the region.

Early on Mark brought on Erik Grieco to manage the Culinary Experience at the Bottleshop and that is where the upscale bar food really kicked in.  Erik is a huge proponent of providing daily and weekly specials that include at least one fresh option, a staple, and a comfort or fried food.  This past week, one of the specials was the Jerk Chicken Taquitos which is just a sampling their great menu options.

They have sandwiches, burgers, tacos, pizza, salad, and pasta on the everyday menu.

Erik told me a story that they tried a couple of bag soups early on and after not being at all pleased with the flavor, they said no more.  Since that time, they prepare soups from scratch everyday.  When you look at the menu, there is no rhyme or reason with the menu selections.  I asked the question in that same way stating, “what were you going for because the menu is kind of all over the place.”  It’s Not American, or Mexican, or even Italian, and he said yes, we just want to provide really Good fresh food.

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As for the Beer, His own Brew was a long time in the making and after 2 years of planning and then building, they were able to finally deliver this past July 15th.  It was their official kickoff which was extremely succesful.  Many of the new local brewhouses are producing many varieties but that is not the direction Mark and Erik are going with their selections.  They produce three on site that include a Blonde Ale, an IPA and a Double IPA.  Erik was adamant that this is what they will stick with because they want to “perfect” them.

They do in fact work with other local Breweries including The Rivertowne for their 4th selection, a Baltic Porter.  Erik is very pleased with how these partnerships have worked out thus far and look for it to continue.

When I do these interviews, I like to ask an off the wall question or two and Erik’s was “looking back, if you could change one thing, what would you change or do different?”  Erik took this question and said… “Man, great question!”  He pondered for a few minutes and he looked at me and said “you  know, I feel like we are always evolving positively, so honestly I would not change a thing.”  I have to tell you Erik… “Great Answer!”  He did later say while laughing, “maybe brew faster.”

The Pittsburgh Bottleshop Cafe and Brewhouse has been around for 13 years and is still one of the best that the Pittsburgh Area has to offer.  This is why I have named it a “Pittsburgh’s Best” and a place that you have to try today if you have not. Go to Bottleshopcafe.com for more information.



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