Quick and Easy Tomato Basil Chicken Sausage Pasta

Updated: August 27, 2017

Summer is here and everyone I’m sure has been growing various herbs and vegetables in their gardens. Recently, I noticed that we had an abundance of basil in our front yard. I had just returned home from Aldi’s and one of the items that I bought was Tomato Basil Chicken Sausage Links. I had only tried chicken sausage once before and thought I could use some of the fresh basil in this dish.

This dish is not only easy but simple and uses limited ingredients. You will need:

-1 Pack (4 Links) of Tomato Basil Chicken Sausage (I used Aldi Brand)

-1 tbsp of Olive Oil

-2 14.5oz Cans of Diced Tomatoes with Basil, Garlic, and Oregano.

-Handful of fresh basil leaves

-1 Box of Penne Pasta

-Optional- Red Pepper Flake, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Mushrooms

I started out this recipe by grabbing a skillet and using a tablespoon of Olive Oil to coat the skillet on medium-high heat. While the skillet is getting hot, I sliced the sausage up into coins and set aside. Once the skillet was hot enough I put the sausage into the  pan and waited for it to get browned.

While the sausage is being browned you can start boiling the water for the pasta in another pot. While boiling the water I like to add in a  little bit of salt for taste. For this recipe I used penne pasta.

As the sausage finishes browning, I made sure to rinse off the basil that I got from outside. When the sausage was done I then added in the two cans of diced tomatoes to the skillet along with the basil leaves. While the sausage, basil, and tomatoes were all in the skillet together I turned the heat down so it would not get to dried out.

Once the noodles were cooked I added them into the skillet with the rest of the ingredients and mixed through. Once the pasta was cooked through with all ingredients you can serve! I would also recommend trying to add a touch of red pepper flake for a little added spice. You can also add in some sautéed mushrooms if you want to add in a few more veggies to the pasta.

I thought this recipe was very good and very quick. I would definitely recommend!

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