Roasted Corn With BBQ Infused Butter

Updated: July 6, 2017

So today I started out working on a side dish for a great fourth of July Get together with the family.  I was told bring a side dish… so on the Fourth of July I felt like Roasted Corn was the way to go.  And to go with that corn???? You guessed it… BBQ Seasoned butter.

First, I got my smoker/grill ready. Today I used hickory Chips as the flavoring.   Once I got that going, I could start on my Corn.

I peeled the husks off of 10 pieces of white and yellow mixed sweet corn.  From there, I broke each on in half.  Once in half I wrapped them in a thin layer of tin foil.   No, I did not pre-season the corn because I think I would like people to taste the smoke and the BBQ butter.

I placed the corn in the smoker for about an hour and a half turning occasionally making sure the corn was roasted through.

While the corn was roasting, I grabbed 8 sticks of salted butter, slightly softened.  I through them into a mixer and let then sat the mixing bowl aside.

In a pan on the stove, I sautéed  half and onion in olive oil along with 2 cloves of chopped garlic until softened.

Once that was done I added two teaspoons of chilli powder, 1 teaspoon of cumin, 1 teaspoon of paprika, 1 teaspoon of onion powder and garlic powder and fresh cracked pepper…. no salt because the butter had it’s own.

I mixed that together And it created a paste and set it aside.  I then beat the 8 sticks of butter together and once the butter started to cream, I add the seasoning mixture.  Then mix again until completely mixed together… almost looking like what you would see in a tub of margarine.  It is important to taste the mixture and add more seasoning as needed.  If you want a stronger flavor, go for it.  If you want it to where it is noticeable but not the focus, leave it alone.   But please, season for your taste.   And if you have ANCHO chilli powder, you can use that instead of a regular chilli powder.  It also works really well and gives it and even more southwest taste and feel.  The Ancho Chilli Powder is a little stronger and spicier.

Put in a dish and refrigerate until you need it.  If the butter was not softened enough, feel free to add a little margarine to the mixture then beat together some more.   You can  even put the mixture on a piece of cellophane and roll it up and refrigerate it.  Then you can pull it out and slice into tabs as needed.

Once your corn is ready pull off the grill and eat as needed.  What you are looking for is if you can poke a kernel with a fork and it goes through with little resistance.  Depends how hot your grill is, so that is why I use a smoker to help infuse more flavor and control the heat.

I hope you enjoy the corn and butter mixture… It went over very well with our group!

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