Rusty Gold Brewery Brings Something Fresh And New

Updated: August 23, 2017

So on a Friday Night, we decided to take in a new local Micro Brew in the center of Canonsburg. I figured I would get a few photo’s and do a little fun promoting of a local place depending on how good it was. And because it was Impromptu, a quick write-up.  Then… we tried about 6 or 7 items off the menu and it turned into me going back and doing a full-scale interview.   The food and beer were amazing, the atmosphere was fun. But neither were a comparison to the staff, as I was able to sit down and talk with  General Manager Angela Schultz and Chef J’Qua Barker or just Chef Jay.

As a note, Owner EJ Kleckner was not available to join us this week so I was not able to sit with him, but I plan to go back. Rusty Gold Brewing is one of the newest local brewery’s to open and it is located in the heart of Canonsburg. Open just 2 months, Rusty Gold is Boasting 5 Beers and they are changing often, along with a small menu packed with fun and affordable food options.

As mentioned, the Brewery has 5 great beer options including an Oatmeal Stout, a Cream Ale, Cool Cuke Fusion, Pioneer Pale Ale Wheat Beer,  and Prospectors Claim IPA.

Here is a quick description on the two new options.  Prospector’s Claim, our new American IPA featuring Citra and Denali hops. A citrus and tropical fruit punch of an IPA at 7.6%. The next addition is Cool Cuke Fusion, a light American wheat beer base infused with three pounds per barrel of peeled and pureed cucumbers for a light, refreshing floral flavor and aroma and a perfect send off to summer. 

All the beers that I chose were good, the smoothest to my surprise was the Oatmeal Stout. (worth mentioning, I am not an expert on Beer so I was surprised to find out that Stoudts are naturally smoother beers.  The full flavor is the scary piece for non stoudt drinkers)  If you are a coffee drinker, this is the beer for you and as I looked around the restaurant/Bar, the Stoudt  was the favorite.  The Wheat Beers were both good and the Cream Ale was also very tasty.  The Cream Ale is what reminded me most of a traditional lager.   They were out of the IPA the day we were at the Brewery so I did not get to try it. The Beer comes from Brew Master Justin Viale.  Justin got his start at the Church Brew Works as he was their Brew Master for 5 years.  He was vaulted into that role when two of their brew masters left.   Justin is very good and his talent comes through in the taste of his Beer.

As for the Food, it was fun and packed full of flavor.  Here are some images of our Meal.

Chicken and Waffles                                              Deep Fried Pickles

Philly Cheese Steak Flat Break

Loaded Fries (they also offer Truffle Fries)   Here are the wings, They were amazing!

When we were there, a young guy tried to take on the New RGB Burger Challenge and I was told… he failed.

Also on the menu was Pork Belly paired with an Asian Slaw which is something you don’t see on any menu locally. Come to think of it, this entire menu is full of items you don’t find on any other menu.  They also showcase several flatbreads and salad options.  They have a deep-fried Peanut Butter and Jelly…A la mode for desert. I have it on good information that item is going nowhere!  Check the rest of this weeks menu items.

Chef J has been in the restaurant biz for over 10 years as he apprenticed at the Local Casino and DoubleTree.  After taking a couple of years off, he was drawn back in with the idea of a menu that fits on the chalkboard above.  There are some staples, but for the most part, the menu items change week to week.  Chef J was all about that idea as he wants to keep the food fresh and new. What makes his story even more interesting is the fact that he has only tried about 40% of the menu items.  Being lactose intolerant can make being a chef with an American Style menu very challenging.  They have beer and food tastings with the crew so that they can determine what goes on the menu. But I can tell you after being in the restaurant a couple of times,  The Beer and food are not the only great stories here at Rusty Gold Brewing.

The Decor is straight out of American Pickers… Speaking of American Pickers, EJ owned an Antique store and everything you see in the Restaurant itself is from his collection.   General Manager Angela Schultz, EJ’s sister described him as “an old guy in a young person’s body.”  I think she just described every Picker in America… and definitely something only a sibling could get away with saying.

Yes by the way, those are doors on the front of the bar.

If you are looking for what is next at Rusty Gold, they will have two new beers coming out in celebration of Oktoberfest.  Actually, they will do a Tapping Event the Thursday prior to Canonsburg’s Oktoberfest Celebration.  Look for a formal announcement of that coming soon.  They are also working on finalizing a Steelers Sunday Buffet.

So if you are looking for a Fresh and New local Brew Pub, I would consider Rusty Gold Brewing a Can’t miss.


Rusty Gold Brewing 43 West Pike St, Canonsburg PA 15342.


(724) 485-2332 




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