The Best of the Beach: Dead Dog’s Saloon, Alive and Kicking

Updated: July 25, 2017

Last Night was one of the most interesting meals I can say I have ever had.  We came down with a group of 9 of us, and met up with my some local friends of mine.  There were a total of 13 of us.  They made the suggestion of Dead Dogs Saloon in Murrells Inlet and we went with it.

If any of you have gone on vacation in a tourist rich area, you all know just how long you can wait to get a table in a restaurant.  We called ahead, and ended up waiting about an hour on top of the call ahead… which in my opinion, was extremely lucky.  For a group of 13, it could have been a tragically long wait.

Dead Dog’s Saloon sits on the Marsh Walk of Murrells Inlet and has a huge back deck both covered and uncovered.   As we waited for our table, we could see the clouds rolling in as rain seemed imminent from 6:30 on.  So When we finally got to sit down, of course it was outside.  That is when the fun began!

They sat us down and took our orders. Once the orders were in, the hush puppies rolled out and they were once again… Delicious!  Since we did not sit down until 7:35 or so, when they sat the Hush Puppies down they went rather quickly.  The soups and or salads also came out at that time which is really nice.  So many times, on busy nights restaurants stagger appetizers, salad and soup and it stretches out dinner.

Everyone at the table, minus the kids of course, had some version of Seafood last night.   I chose the Jambalaya, as it was actually called Marshi Gras Jambalaya and it was quite frankly the best I have had this far North.

The Jambalaya had great spice, with tender shrimp, red beans, kielbasa, tomatoes, peppers, onions, over rice. It was teaming with fresh creole seasonings and it brought those flavors together nicely.  The rice was cooked perfectly and nothing in the mix was over or undercooked. Normally it comes with an Andouille Sausage, but kielbasa is a great substitution especially for someone from Pittsburgh.

Remember when I said the fun was beginning? Before the food got to our table, we were witness to quite a light show over the Marsh as the lightning was showing off.  We were discussing amongst ourselves, just what the plan was when the heavens open up.  That is when we asked our waiter, who was by the way… once of the best I have ever had,(He handled this party of 13 on a busy night like we were his only table, and I promise we were not.) just what the plan was.  He said that he was talking with the manager about what they can do and will let us know as soon as a table opened up inside.

The sprinkles began to fall and they decided to pull out the umbrella’s to buy some time, and for a while it worked.  Our meals finally come out and we began to devour this great food.  That is when, mother nature decided they did not want us all to eat together anymore.  It started to pour so we all grabbed our food and ran inside.  They wrangled up 3 separate tables and we sat down and finished our delicious meals.  The waiter did not let any of the drinks go dry and even the kids were happy with their selections.

It was a great night even with the rain so when you are visiting Murrells Inlet, the Dead Dog Saloon has to be a stop along the way.   Great Food, Great Family, Great Friends… Can’t go wrong!

(note, I took many pictures last night, but it was fairly dark and most did not turn out.  You can tell from my Jambalaya Photo)

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